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Yalla International is the ultimate company to book all your top exciting tours, cruises, hotels, excursions, and activities across Egypt and the Red Sea. Yalla international cater to all your needs with our amazing packages and experiences to all the top cities and places whilst on your visit to this beautiful country

Egypt has the biggest selection of magical things to do and visit, from the pyramids in Cairo, to the tombs and temples in Luxor. Enjoy a cruise on the River Nile, scuba in the Red Sea with its tropical underwater world and breathtaking coral reefs. 

Yalla International provides a wide variety of exciting and enriching, tours, excursions, and activities for your enjoyment and pleasure whilst visiting Egypt. We have selected the highest quality, delivered to you by local experts, in the most cost-effective manner.

We offer a large number of unique or personalized experiences of a lifetime. Our aim at all times is for our customers to have a unique experience with minimum cost and maximum satisfaction.

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